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    In recognition of the contribution made by festivals and competitions in finding new writers for the theater, Speert Publishing has established its first award for amateur excellence, to be given to the winner of the Dayton Playhouse, Inc. FutureFest festival of New Works.

    Along with the monetary award presented by the Dayton Playhouse to the festival winner, Speert Publishing will publish the acting edition of the play, at no cost to the writer. FutureFest is held each summer at the Dayton Playhouse in Dayton, Ohio, and is the only nonprofessional contest in the country where the winner is awarded a main stage production of the play. Scripts are sent in from all over the country, and Speert Publishing urges you to join in the educational and festive atmosphere of this wonderful competition. For more information visit the Dayton Playhouse web site at More awards at other festivals and competions are anticipated.