The Cast



Contacting Us


    Script Copy Editing

    Your manuscript will be proofread for consistency, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Editing is done to the degree you request, and a marked proof will be sent to you for corrections and changes.


    Your play will be typeset in standard play script format.

    Printing and Sending

    The books are printed on 50# paper, with Perfect binding recommended.
    After approval, books will be sent to you directly.


  • File your copyright form with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Assign a Speert Publishing Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Obtain and print a back cover bar code


    Though the marketing of scripts is the domain of the writer, Speert Publishing offers critical exposure of its published plays on its web site. Also a newsletter with information about published pieces, writers bios, and information on how to obtain the books, will be sent out to literary managers, festival organizers and theaters.

    Production Budget

    We talk to each author to help you plan your book project and achieve the final product you want. We base the costs of publication on the length of the script, the services you seek and the size of the run. Therefore, fees are determined on a per project basis. Please contact Speert Publishing at or call 212-979-7656. Your project will be discussed and we will contact you with a quote.